Bar fm

Bar fm is all about having fun

We believe in being 100% inclusive and so we expect our members and guests to be respectful to the club, staff, other members and our neighbours.

All Members and guests agree to accept and abide by these rules

Mylene and Freddie welcome you to Bar FM

Mylene and Freddie

Bar fm management

March 2013

House Rules

  1. Members will respect the residential neighbours and not make any noise or disturbance in the street, either on arrival or departure. Members will not make any disturbance or loud shouting if queuing, and will leave the premises quietly at night
  2. Smokers may go outside to the designated smoking area for a maximum ten minutes, subject to permission from the door supervisor.
  3. You may use electronic cigarettes inside Bar fm
  4. Members will be polite and courteous to all Bar fm staff and follow any instructions given by staff.
  5. Members will not drop litter in the street outside Bar fm
  6. No member will try to buy alcohol unless he or she is of legal age. No member will buy alcohol for another person who is below the legal age.


  1. Each Member is allowed to bring 4 guests into Bar fm.
  2. Guests will be asked to sign in with their names.
  3. Any member in breach of the rules may have their membership rights withdrawn, without notice, for a period of time or permanently at the sole discretion of Bar fm management.
  4. Members and Guests may only consume drinks and food bought in Bar fm
  5. Members and Guests are reminded that the use of illegal substances and carrying illegal items is prohibited
  6. Bar fm will call the Police if we feel it is necessary to ensure the well being of the club and its members

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